SEO Charlottesville Virginia Online Marketing Web Site Building Google Ranking Video SEO

SEO Charlottesville Virginia Online Marketing Web Site Building Google Ranking Video SEO 

What your small business can do about marketing itself online.

There are no lack of blogs out there telling you to create organic content, for you "content marketing" campaign, and no lack of bloggers telling you to use video in creative ways to start facilitating that content marketing.....And they couldn't be more right.....problem is, if you don't have an extra $10,000 laying around, you're not going to be able to buy a production companies' services to script, write, film, edit and produce the perfect video for you.  And that's IF they are even capable of producing the perfect video for you, because creativity and the right content, when related specifically to your business, is a very personal thing that may be very hard for an outside team to get right.....

So let's start at a safer, easier, and much more comprehendible place.  Right in front of your computer, at your desk, in your office......So don't even get up....

The video above was filmed all on location, while working, with an iPhone 5s, and edited on iMovie and then doctored up a little with Final Cut.

The theme song was made on the iPad, using garageBand and Beatmaker 2.  In fact you could make a strong argument that the entire video, though shot at different moments, could all be made on the spot and edited and uploaded from inside your truck with a mobile hotspot.

  Actually, I didn't even have a mobile hotspot, I simply bluetoothed the edited footage from my iPad on iMovie, to my iPhone, which has internet service, and quickly, on the spot am able to create, produce, edit, upload, and then distribute from my iPhone and iPad.  This is the beginning of Mobile Marketing Media.

Now any small business, with a little ingenuity and creativity, can make and market their own video SEO for their small business and get it out the the right consumers/clients with just a little bit of careful planning and scheduled distribution.

Once you put together the right long tail keyword plan and video marketing script vision, then the devil is all in the details of distribution.  Nothing can replace good original content, but even when you have that, you still can't replace an honest and planned distribution method.......There you have it, those are the keys.  Email me with any questions and I'll be happy to reply the best that I can....This is Matthew Jaeger at MediaVizual, in Charlottesville, Va, recommending that all small businesses engage in the practice of online video marketing and SEO.


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